Mission and Milestones

Hyperacusis Research Limited, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to the development of effective treatments for hyperacusis and to funding research which will eliminate the underlying mechanisms that cause hyperacusis.

Hyperacusis Research Limited, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients who suffer from hyperacusis and hyperacusis-related disorders. Central to the mission of the organization is facilitating and supporting biomedical research which will lead to novel, effective therapies for the treatment of hyperacusis. The activities of Hyperacusis Research Limited, Inc. are based on the belief that collaboration across disciplines is essential for better understanding of hyperacusis and for the development of effective treatments. Through its grant program Hyperacusis Research Limited, Inc. is supporting innovative research projects across borders and disciplines. Special emphasis is placed on collaboration and knowledge sharing between supported individuals and institutions.  See the outline below for a summary of our key milestones.


Hyperacusis Research Milestones



  • Hyperacusis Research Limited incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit in Massachusetts.
  • Hyperacusis Research attended the Hearing Health Summit and initiated partnership with the Hearing Health Foundation (HHF).


  • Hyperacusis Research partnered with HHF to sponsor a grant for a comprehensive hyperacusis literature review. Results were published in the December, 2014 American Journal or Audiology.
  • Hyperacusis Research initiated discussions with ear experts on critical needs to advance research.


  • Hyperacusis Research participated in the first Hyperacusis Workshop at the 2103 Association for Research in Ontolaryngology (ARO) Midwinter Meeting.
  • First Miniature Golf fundraiser held in Massachusetts.


  • The ABC News program 20/20 featured a hyperacusis story: “On the Quest for Silence: Living With Hyperacusis.” The New York Times featured an article titled “When Everyday Noise is Unbearable.”
  • Hyperacusis Research sponsors a HHF Emerging Research Grant on hyperacusis mechanisms.


  • Hyperacusis Research sponsors “Roadmap to a Cure” event at the 2015 (ARO) Midwinter Meeting.
  • Hyperacusis Research featured in syndicated news story: “Hyperacusis: When Hearing Hurts.”
  • Hyperacusis Research sponsors a HHF Emerging Research Grant on Hyperacusis pain mechanisms.
  • Boston area fundraising dinner raises more than $20,000.


  • Hyperacusis highlighted in the “Auditory Nociception and Pain Hyperacusis” symposium at the 2016 (ARO) Midwinter Meeting.
  • Hyperacusis featured in a USA Today story on workplace noise injury
  • Hyperacusis Research sponsors a HHF Emerging Research Grant on conductive hyperacusis with Mass Eye and Ear


  • Hyperacusis Research sponsors the next steps for a cure collaboration event at the 2017 (ARO) Midwinter Meeting.
  • Hyperacusis Research presents at the Annual International Conference on the Management of the Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Patient.
  • Hyperacusis Research sponsors two HHF Emerging Research Grants:
    Mass Eye and Ear’s research of brain hyperexcitability and reduced sound level tolerance after auditory nerve degeneration
    – University at Buffalo’s research to develop an Auditory Nociception test for hyperacusis with pain
  • Hyperacusis highlighted at the 8th annual Sense-ation! Gala for Mass Eye and Ear
  • Cure4Cindy video released with stories featured in People Magazine and the DailyMail

Roadmap to a Cure

In 2015, Hyperacusis Research worked with 18 researchers from around the world to create the first comprehensive Roadmap to a Cure for Hyperacusis.  For more details on the roadmap below check out our summary report.


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