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A clinical trail has started using a novel hyperacusis hybrid device which was developed by Dr. Craig Formby and Dr. David Eddins of the University of South Florida.  Learn how to participate.

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If you have hyperacusis, start here. This is your chance to have a real influence in helping researchers understand life with hyperacusis.

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We are a non-profit charity dedicated to the development of effective treatments for hyperacusis and to funding research which will eliminate the underlying mechanisms that cause hyperacusis.

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Sufferers are from all walks of life. Hyperacusis often has a significant impact on every part of a person’s life, from their work, their home environment, and virtually every social setting.

Clinical Advancements for Managing Hyperacusis with Pain

As part of our aim to help hyperacusis patients obtain better clinical care, Hyperacusis Research president authored a piece in the Oct. 2019 Hearing Journal, whose audience is doctors and audiologists. Clinicians generally have an insufficient understanding of the...

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Hyperacusis Article in ENT & AUDIOLOGY NEWS

For a piece in ENT & Audiology News, Hyperacusis Research president Bryan Pollard wrote a piece entitled “Unravelling the mystery of hyperacusis with pain.” Pain has often been completely overlooked as a component of hyperacusis. The word “hyperacusis” has more...

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2019 Hyperacusis Research Benefit Event

Listen to live classical music and hear Charles Liberman of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary explain how the ear transforms sound waves into the melodies we love.  Please join us and support this Hyperacusis Reserach benefit event.

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2018 Workshop on Hearing Disorders & Evaluation

The Confucius Institute at the University at Buffalo and the AiEr Foundation from China sponsored an exciting Audiology Workshop on Hearing Disorders & Evaluation in July 2018. The event brought together about 20 leading Audiology and ENT clinicians and...

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