Karen Cook, who worked as a flight attendant, shared her story with the BBC, describing how pain hyperacusis has so drastically altered her life. The laughter of her two young sons is like torture. “Sound is everywhere. It’s like air, you can’t escape it,” Karen said. “Sound keeps me a prisoner. It has completely erased me.”

Karen created a Facebook fundraiser that raised over $5,000 for Hyperacusis Research as we work toward a cure. While her Facebook fundraiser has now closed, you can still make a donation on our website here. If you note that your donation is in made in Karen’s honor, we will let her know.

Our Hyperacusis Research board member Ken Devore also makes an appearance in the BBC piece. We applaud Karen for her bravery in sharing her story and emphasizing the reality of hyperacusis with pain.

The broadcast aired on 19 February 2024. You can watch the full BBC News broadcast here. And find a written summary here.

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