Suny SalviThank you so much for your support of Hyperacusis Research Limited! We are grateful for your donation.

With this help, Hyperacusis Research is helping to advance the research for patients who suffer from hyperacusis. We have funded seven research grants to date. Our current grant is looking into two possible causes of painful hyperacusis. One possible cause is a type of cochlear nerve fiber that becomes sensitized. This is being tested by looking at changes in calcium levels. Another possible cause involves inflammation in the cochlea after noise injury. Here, medications used to treat migraine may help us understand how hyperacusis occurs. With the tremendous support we have received during these challenging times, we are preparing to fund additional grants.

We have worked hard to assemble some of the world’s finest hearing researchers to move further down the path toward understanding hyperacusis and ultimately finding a cure. Thank you again for your support.

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