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2015 Hyperacusis Research Benefit Dinner

Our Hyperacusis Research Boston-area fundraising dinner was a great success! We exceeded our goal to raise $20,000 for research (with more funds still coming in).  After welcoming the 80 people who attended, the sponsors, Michael and Betsy Maholchic, showed a video...

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Hyperacusis Research Supports Two Research Grants

Hyperacusis Research is excited to fund two Emerging Research Grants for the Hearing Health Foundation’s 2015 grant cycle. The first grant covers the important topic of pain mechanisms associated with hyperacusis while the second grant investigates mechanisms...

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Overview of 2015 ARO Midwinter Meeting

Hyperacusis Research was excited to participate in the Association for Research in Otolaryngology’s Midwinter Meeting for the third consecutive year. The conference, which took place in Baltimore, MD, in February, 2015, brought together more than a thousand of the...

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2015 ARO Conference Roadmap to a Cure Event

During the 2015 ARO Ear Research conference, Hyperacusis Research sponsored a workshop to build a roadmap to find a cure for hyperacusis. The dinner event, attended by 27 people, included some of the nation’s top otology researchers such as Charles Liberman (pictured...

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When Hearing Hurts: Hyperacusis in the News

Hyperacusis Research was excited to participate in a news segment, titled “Hyperacusis: When Hearing Hurts” aired on the News4 Jax TV station. The story features George Rue, a musician whose life was radically altered 9 years ago when he left blues concert with...

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Hyperacusis Documentary: A Noisy Life

In a moving documentary, Anthony Ochoa describes the many ways his life has been altered by hyperacusis.   Anthony lives in Los Angeles and works as an audio engineer. Watch as Anthony describes how even his own voice can hurt his ears and see how he manages life in...

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