Hyperacusis Research has a valuable partnership with the Hearing Health Foundation, which has been vital for the research we have sponsored. At the 2016 ARO conference, Bryan Pollard, met the new CEO of the Hearing Health Foundation, Nadine Dehgan (pictured above in center). Also present  were Professor Peter Steyger of Oregon Health & Science University, a HHF scientific advisor, and two board members: Elizabeth Keithley and Judy Dubno (also pictured above).

Our discussion centered around the upcoming Emerging Research Grant cycle, which will include a grant focused on hyperacusis.  Bryan Pollard also explored ways to expand the HHF partnership. One possibility is a New York City fundraiser.

HHF Lalwani

Dr. Anil Lalwani, Hirobumi Watanabe, Bryan Pollard

A meeting with Dr. Anil Lalwani of Columbia University, one of the nation’s leading ear surgeons and chairman of the HHF’s Council of Scientific Trustees, gave Bryan an opportunity to explain the real-life difficulties of patients living with hyperacusis with pain. As the Council of Scientific Trustees continue to expand their understanding of hyperacusis it will enhance their evaluation process for potential hyperacusis related grants.

Hirobumi Watanabe, Ph.D., a research scientist at Columbia, has performed modeling work of the round window response to sound. Bryan discussed the round/oval window reinforcement surgery performed by Dr. Herbert Silverstein on a limited number of hyperacusis patients. The patients have seen improvement with this surgery, but there is a small degree of hearing loss. Bryan proposed that Hirobumi consider modeling this reinforcement procedure to learn more about the possible patient impacts.

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