(The photo shows, from left, Betsy Maholchic, Leslie Liberman, Charlie Liberman PhD, Bryan Pollard and Michael Maholchic.)

We are devastated to report that Bryan Pollard, our founder and shining star, has died.

Bryan singlehandedly created an entire new diagnosis in the field of otology — pain hyperacusis — and worked tirelessly on behalf of those who suffered from it. Bryan himself had a noise injury, with symptoms appearing after exposure to a wood chipper. Like many, he received bad information and no help from doctors. Unlike most, he took action, starting our nonprofit and becoming the first non-researcher to present at ARO, the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, which sparked researchers to take the condition seriously.

We will carry out his important work and continue his legacy under the leadership of Michael Maholchic and the Hyperacusis Research board.

Bryan was an engineer and a scientist. To honor Bryan, we urge people to donate their ears to science by signing up for the Temporal Bone Registry at masseyeandear.org/tbregistry, so that scientists can further their knowledge for treating hearing disorders. And, of course, we always welcome donations to further our research and to spread the word about the reality of hyperacusis.

We are forever in Bryan’s debt. Bryan, we love you. Rest in peace and silence.

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