Due to their many sources of extreme noise exposure, military personnel are one of the highest at-risk groups for hyperacusis.  At the 2016 ARO conference, Hyperacusis Research president Bryan Pollard met with key leaders of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Hearing Center of Excellence including the executive director, Lt. Col. Mark Packard (pictured above in center).

 The discussion centered around the epidemiology of hyperacusis among military personal. While the prevalence of hearing loss and tinnitus is known to be significant, little has been learned about hyperacusis in this population, though it is likely to be high.

 While recently researching this topic, Col. Carlos Esquivel (pictured above at right) uncovered data showing that hyperacusis is rarely coded as a primary symptom, even when it is mentioned in the patient’s notes. HCE has an updated training program that will include training clinicians on understanding the nature of hyperacusis and coding it properly, which will improve epidemiology data and help ensure the best treatment for those affected.


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