At the 2017 Association of Research for Otolaryngology Conference, Bryan Pollard, President of Hyperacusis Research, and Amanda Lauer, a Scientific Advisor to Hyperacusis Research, met with Nadine Deghan, CEO of the Hearing Health Foundation (HHF).  Nadine updated Bryan and Amanda on the progress HHF has made in the past year in growing their overall program efforts while becoming more efficient with the day-to-day operations.  The Hearing Restoration Project is moving into a new phase to accelerate its work to regenerate hair cells (read more here).  While the work is focused on hearing loss, it may bring findings that will be valuable for the cure for hyperacusis.  Pictured at top: Bryan Pollard, Nadine Deghan, Amanda Lauer.

Bryan was excited learn about several recent submissions to the latest Emerging Research Grant (ERG) program related to hyperacusis.  Hyperacusis Research has funded three ERG’s focused on hyperacusis. The Spring 2017 issue of Hearing Health magazine features our most recent grant to Xiying Guan, PhD, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School.

Bryan, Amanda, and Nadine explored ideas for greater collaboration including potentially hosting a fundraiser in New York City.  If you have interest in a NYC based fundraiser, please use our Contact Us feature to let us know.

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