This piece, in the Summer 2015 issue of the Hearing Health Foundation’s magazine, is authored by Daniel Fink and Bryan Pollard, president of Hyperacusis Research.  While loud environments are challenging for hyperacusis sufferers, they also create issues for those with partial hearing loss making it more difficult to hold a conversation since hearing aids also amplify the background noise. Many have asked if there are any steps that can be taken to help move public places (malls, restaurants, or stores) to accommodate their hyperacusis condition.  The article outlines the efforts to get accommodation under The Americans With Disabilities Act.  While the process is slow, there are signs of potential progress in this area.  For more details and steps you can take, read the full article online at Hearing Health.

“Turn Up the Quiet” is a trademark of John Drinkwater at and is used in the article by permission.

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