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2015 Discussions with SUNY Researchers

An important function of Hyperacusis Research is to accelerate research by connecting researchers to the challenges of patients’ hyperacusis condition including noise-induced pain. We meet with researchers regularly to discuss the planned research and probe to see how...

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Hyperacusis Research was grateful for this comprehensive review of the Second International Conference on Hyperacusis which was summarized by Iver Juster, MD.  The summary provides insights into vital hyperacusis topics and offers an excellent analysis of possible...

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Hyperacusis Research Supports Two Research Grants

Hyperacusis Research is excited to fund two Emerging Research Grants for the Hearing Health Foundation’s 2015 grant cycle. The first grant covers the important topic of pain mechanisms associated with hyperacusis while the second grant investigates mechanisms...

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Overview of 2015 ARO Midwinter Meeting

Hyperacusis Research was excited to participate in the Association for Research in Otolaryngology’s Midwinter Meeting for the third consecutive year. The conference, which took place in Baltimore, MD, in February, 2015, brought together more than a thousand of the...

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2015 ARO Conference Roadmap to a Cure Event

During the 2015 ARO Ear Research conference, Hyperacusis Research sponsored a workshop to build a roadmap to find a cure for hyperacusis. The dinner event, attended by 27 people, included some of the nation’s top otology researchers such as Charles Liberman (pictured...

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Hyperacusis Webinar with Prof. Richard Salvi

Hyperacusis Reserach was excited to host our first webinar, led by Professor  Richard Salvi of the University of Buffalo. In this talk, Professor Salvi highlights research from his ear research center at the University of Buffalo.  Possible mechanisms of hyperacusis...

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Hyperacusis Literature Review Complete

Hyperacusis Research was excited to partner with the  Hearing Health Foundation to administer a grant for a literature review focused on hyperacusis and mechanisms of volume and intensity processing in the auditory pathway. There were several key objectives of the...

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Overview of 2014 ARO Midwinter Meeting

Bryan Pollard, President of Hyperacusis Research, attended two days of the 2014 Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Mid-Winter Research Conference in San Diego, CA.  There were a number of informative lectures and poster presentations on topics related to...

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Hyperacusis Research visits SUNY Buffalo Research Center

Rich Salvi, the director of the Center for Hearing and Deafness at SUNY Buffalo, hosted Bryan Pollard to review their research and hyperacusis.  Dr. Salvi, who is a Scientific Advisor for Hyperacusis Research, also gave our first online Webinar. We are extremely...

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