Hyperacusis in the News

Noise Pollution, Phones, and Hyperacusis

“I’ve been badly beaten twice, so far, today. I have hyperacusis. I am autistic, so my senses have always worked a bit differently from most people. I have been chronically ill for the past few years, and it seemed to have amplified some of my senses. With this...

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Tinnitus Today: What IS a Safe Noise Level?

In a recent issue of Tinnitus Today, Bryan Pollard and Daniel Fink, M.D., discuss this question: What IS a safe noise level? When does noise exposure start causing hearing loss? The answer to this question underlies a renewed effort to protect the hearing of everyone.

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When it’s noisy, even Justin Bieber wears earplugs

Our scientific adviser, Richard Salvi, is quoted in this Washington Post story about earplugs. He remarks on the hidden nature of hearing problems: “People can’t comprehend your normal-looking outward appearance with the unseen disturbance going on inside your head.”...

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2015 Hyperacusis Research Benefit Dinner

Our Hyperacusis Research Boston-area fundraising dinner was a great success! We exceeded our goal to raise $20,000 for research (with more funds still coming in).  After welcoming the 80 people who attended, the sponsors, Michael and Betsy Maholchic, showed a video...

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Turn Down the Noise, Turn Up the Quiet

This piece, in the Summer 2015 issue of the Hearing Health Foundation's magazine, is authored by Daniel Fink and Bryan Pollard, president of Hyperacusis Research.  While loud environments are challenging for hyperacusis sufferers, they also create issues for those...

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When Hearing Hurts: Hyperacusis in the News

Hyperacusis Research was excited to participate in a news segment, titled “Hyperacusis: When Hearing Hurts” aired on the News4 Jax TV station. The story features George Rue, a musician whose life was radically altered 9 years ago when he left blues concert with...

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NYT on George Rue and Hyperacusis

The New York Times recently featured an article titled "When Everyday Noise Is Unbearable" on hyperacusis. The article highlights the challenges faced by a musician, George Rue, who acquired hyperacusis at a young age.  George continues to face many challenges in his...

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Second Annual Miniature Golf Fundraiser

Hyperacusis Research was grateful for the supporters who joined us at our second annual fundraising event. It was a pleasant fall afternoon where many families and supporters gathered at Trombetta’s Farm in Marlboro, MA to enjoy a round of...

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20/20 Highlights Hyperacusis

Hyperacusis Research was excited to see the ABC News program 20/20 feature a segment entitled: "On the Quest for Silence: Living With Hyperacusis." Hyperacusis Research worked with the producers as they prepared this show, and we are grateful to ABC News for taking an...

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